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Author's Notes
• OSXplanet is a cocoa program that is based on the popular program, xplanet (by Hari Nair). It is able to generate live images of the earth as well as other planets in the solar system with additional informations such as the current clouds, storms, satellites, volcanos, earthquakes and times and locations of cities.
• Please note that currently OSXplanet version 2.0 is only for Leopard.
• Please note that as of version 1.0, OSXplanet no longer supports computers running Mac OS X 10.2 and below.
• I am 19 years old and am fairly inexperienced with programming (self-taught). Any and all comments, compliments and ideas will be appreciated.
• If you'd like to translate OSXplanet into any other languages, please drop me a note by going to the contact page.
• I am not responsible for any damage OSXplanet may cause on your machine.

Presets allow multiple settings
OSXplanet has the ability to have presets allowing you to switch between different planets and other settings.
Live Visual Data
OSXplanet displays live data about the clouds, volcanos, city times, storms, and earthquakes.
Solar System Rendering
OSXplanet renders the Earth as well as the rest of the solar system allowing you to view any planet as it is seen from another planet.
Multi-Monitor Support
OSXplanet allows you to set different images for different monitors.
Elegant Interface
Designed from ground up with Cocoa, the OSXplanet interface is effcient, elegant that fits right in with Mac OS X.
Multiple Projections
OSXplanet has many different projections including: Orthographic, Rectangular, and Hemisphere.
City Display
OSXplanet can display cities around the world with their local times.
Accurate Preview
Unlike previous versions, OSXplanet now displays an accurate preview of the image.
Universal Binary
As of Version 1.0, OSXplanet is now universal binary which means it will run natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.
100% Mac-like
OSXplanet's redesigned interface saves settings on-the-go so you won't lose anything even if the computer crashes.
Minimal CPU Usage
OSXplanet uses no CPU power when it is not updating the background, so it won't interfere with your daily activities.
Unbeatable Price
All this and it is for FREE.

Thanks To
• Hari Nair for his help and continued support. You can visit his site for his program, xplanet. If you'd like to download the source code to xplanet you can do so here.
• Pascal Souaillat for designing an icon the new one is based on.
• James Hastings-Trew for the images of the planets.
• Matthew Thomas for the interface that the new OSXplanet interface is based on.
• Seth Price for providing the high-quality maps of the Earth.
• Dhmofilos. A. Georgopoulos for the translations of OSXplanet as well as continued support in the translations of the OSXplanet site.
• Houston Hall for his extensive beta testing feedback and willingness to put up with my ridiculous requests.
• All others who have contributed to the OSXplanet Project.
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